Have a Sweet Tooth? Here Are 5 Great Bakeries in Lafayette, LA

March 2nd, 2017 by

Bakeries are amazing places to get great homemade bread and cakes as well as all sorts of delicious meals and desserts, and Lafayette has a large number of them. You won’t realize just how many things are baked in modern cuisine until you explore the five best bakeries throughout Lafayette. Anyone passionate about artisan bread or baking, in general, will be amazed at the options in such a condensed area.

1. Joe Gambino’s Bakery

Since 1949, Joe Gambino’s Bakery has been making specialty cakes for weddings, birthday parties, and other special events. It also makes homemade king cake and doberge, a New Orleans cake inspired by Hungarian desserts. Doberge consists of many pancake-thin layers of buttermilk cake, each separated by the bakery’s tantalizing custard filling, and then enclosed in a rich, thin layer of icing. Visitors can also pick treats for a custom dessert tray, order fresh bread, or take home their Southern pecan pie.

2. Poupart’s Bakery

This decadent French bakery makes all sorts of extravagant bite-sized desserts, or petite fours, along with cakes and chocolate sculptures of all sizes. Poupart is perfect if you want to get creative and pick a box of petite fours based on whatever catches your eye, from key lime tarts to honey pecan toffee. There is also a lunch menu with favorites like the au jus sandwich, and traditional baked French breads to take home and use in your own recipes. Also, if you love celebrating Mardi Gras, Poupart’s branded king cake is a must.

3. Southside Bakery

This cute bakery has a pink and frilly decor that matches its detailed and varied cupcakes, layer cakes, mini-cakes, and of course cookies. It’s not just a great bakery, either. Southside Bakery is known for burgers with gourmet buns and homemade beef and turkey patties, along with po’boy sandwiches, hot dogs with homemade buns, and fresh salads. Many locals visit Southside for lunch and leave with a dessert, but the bakery also serves breakfast favorites like biscuits, egg sandwiches, chicken-fried steak, and more.

4. Keller’s Bakery

Another great spot for king cake, Keller’s Bakery focuses specifically on the famous rolled sweet, serving it all times of the year. This bakery has mastered traditional Danish, pasty-style king cake, and offers delicious varieties like cream cheese pecan, chocolate pudding, cinnamon butter, strawberry banana split, and many others. It also offers pies, layer cakes, seasonal pumpkin bread, take-n-bake savory pot pies, and even take-home mixes to wow everyone at a dinner party.

5. Sophi P. Cakes

Want to go above and beyond the typical workplace doughnut box? Commuters love Sophi P. for its boxes of cupcakes. Each cake has its own attractive design with mouthwatering flavor combinations, and they come with amusing names like Southern Belle, Strawberry Fields 4-Ever, and the Dude. There are so many flavors and different rotating specials that you can come back again and again with a new favorite each time.

Wondrous treats for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert await you in these popular Lafayette bakeries, so be sure to visit one — or several — when cravings hit.

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