Reasons Why BMW’s 50/50 Weight Distribution Is Optimal

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The weight distribution of your vehicle is an important factor when it comes to handling. BMW has a reputation for creating cars that offer the ultimate driving experience, and part of this is because they have mastered the concept of weight distribution. Here is why BMW’s 50/50 weight distribution is optimal.

Why Weight Distribution Is Important

bmw-balanceThe weight distribution on a vehicle is important because it has an effect on how the vehicle handles on the road. It is important to recognize that the entire design of the vehicle is vital to its function, and you need to consider if it is front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive. A good weight distribution influences how fast a car can go around corners, since the cornering balance depends on how the car design distributes the weight.

What is 50/50 Weight Distribution?

Every car on the road uses its front tires to carry some percentage of its weight, and the rear tires carry the rest of the weight. However, in a car with 50/50 weight distribution, the front and the back wheels bear the same amount of weight.

How Does BMW Do It?

BMW uses a combination of lightweight components and axle positioning to create just the right weight distribution. Their designs extend to the front axle and use a short overhang to give the rear-wheel drive just the right amount of balance. BMW also places the heaviest parts of the body close to the center of gravity. Many BMW vehicles also have long hoods, and under the hood, they dispose the engine lengthwise. This allows them to move some of the weight more towards the center of the car’s body.

The Materials

One of the most important factors contributing to BMW’s 50/50 weight distribution is the usage of lighter materials. They reduce the overall weight of the vehicle and allow for the correct distribution of weight. In many of their models, BMW uses aluminum to create the front axles. This, combined with hot-formed steel, makes a high-tensile material that doesn’t weigh down the car. BMW also uses carbon fiber for the roof and alloys with magnesium for the engine parts. All this contributes to the agility and safety of all their vehicles.

Driving with 50/50 Weight Distribution

Along with the weight distribution, BMW also makes sure the suspension is properly tuned. Both of these factors work together to make BMW vehicles handle well. The 50/50 weight distribution gives it a strong foundation, but you also need to consider the style of the car and how you want to drive it. The weight of the car determines how to enter into a corner and how you come out of it.

BMW has a reputation for creating optimum weight balance in their vehicles, so they are fun and easy to drive. Their use of lighter materials and innovative design contributes to this perfect balance. You will find 50/50 weight distribution on almost all their models, no matter which one you like to drive.

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