A First Look at the Upcoming 2018 BMW X3

August 31st, 2017 by

BMW’s popular X3 model has been completely redesigned for 2018, offering a fresh new look while retaining the design sensibilities that set other current BMW vehicles apart from the pack. What new features can you expect to see from this redesigned crossover? At Moss Motors BMW, we’ve laid out the major improvements from the 2018 edition for your convenience. Read on to find out what makes the 2018 BMW X3 unique.

Body and Outward Appearance

At first glance, the changes to the 2018 X3 may appear subtle. The body of the vehicle sits lower to the ground, and wider headlights and a larger kidney grill lend the new vehicle just a slightly more assertive look than its predecessor. The X3’s performance model variant, known as the M40i, features a vent behind the front wheels and dual rear exhausts. These should be your first clues that this isn’t just a cosmetic redesign; the X3 has been enhanced with performance in mind.

Engine and Performance

Performance starts with the engine, and the X3 is no slouch. The standard model (also known as the xDrive30i) comes with a 248-horsepower turbocharged two-liter inline-four; the aforementioned performance model (M40i) sports a 355-horsepower turbocharged three-liter inline-six engine. While the latter will get you from zero to 60 in under five seconds, it isn’t all about speed. New technology developments ensure that both engine options make the X3 more fuel efficient than in years past.


While BMW makes an elite class of vehicle, it has taken great pains to make sure that the X3 remains accessible to its driver. Both versions of the 2018 X3 feature all-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission. You’ll certainly have no trouble getting where you need to go. Additional upgrades to the chassis have enhanced the vehicle’s steering feel and straight-line stability. There is also no diesel version of the engine, so you’ll be able to gas up just about anywhere without any inconvenience.

Interior and Comfort

Most of the time you spend with your new X3 will be from the inside as you drive it on your daily commute (to the envy of other motorists). You’ll be pleased to hear that the X3 has been upgraded on this front, as well. The usual AC options are present, but the 2018 BMW X3 adds three-zone climate control and a moonroof that is even larger than ever before.

The information and entertainment touchscreen has also been upgraded to take full advantage of the iDrive 6.0 software, which enables voice commands and touchscreen/gesture controls. These changes mean that you’ll be traveling in more comfort and with more accessibility than ever before.

At Moss Motors BMW, we’ve been impressed with all of the features that BMW has been able to pack into this redesigned crossover. Whether you choose the xDrive30i or the M40i, the manufacturer has ensured that you’ll experience the performance and convenience for which the brand is known. Don’t hesitate to visit us today and take these new models for a test drive to find the right option for you.

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