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It’s every BMW owner’s worst nightmare: you return to the parking lot after work only to discover that your car is missing. A BMW represents an investment of thousands of dollars, to say nothing of the emotional attachment you might have to your specific vehicle. After all, a BMW is a lifestyle choice and a statement. It’s no wonder that the thought of theft weighs so heavily on most owners. Luckily, there’s good news: with a little bit of preparation, you can dramatically reduce the chances of ever facing this problem.

Lock Your Vehicle

The most fundamental step you can take to prevent vehicle theft also happens to be the easiest. But it’s also the easiest to forget – half of all stolen cars were unlocked. Don’t neglect this most basic level of protection, as it’s usually enough to stop most car thieves in their tracks. You should also make sure that all doors are firmly shut and that all windows are fully closed. Don’t give a thief an inch to work with!

Don’t Leave Valuables in Plain Sight

Cell phones, GPS devices, CDs: these are all things that we travel with every day. It’s tempting to leave some of them plugged in when you use them on a daily basis. But it’s far safer to keep these valuables out of sight. Most cars have plenty of hiding places, such as in the glove box, or under the seats, or in the armrest. It’s worth the minor hassle to avoid having your car broken into and possibly stolen.

Choose Your Parking Spot Carefully

A BMW attracts a lot of attention — that’s part of the reason you love yours. But you don’t want it to attract the wrong kind of attention. Avoid parking in high-crime neighborhoods or poorly lit parking lots. Consider parking in a garage in order to take advantage of security personnel and cameras.

Drive a Manual Transmission

In addition to the better gas mileage, cheaper repair costs, and — let’s face it — the plain fun of driving a manual transmission, there are security benefits, as well. It turns out that many Americans simply don’t know how to drive one. Some thieves won’t take a second look at your BMW if they see that it’s a stick shift; instead, they’ll move on to easier, automatic transmission prey.

Check Your Insurance Policy

Even if you’ve done everything possible to mitigate the risks, there may come a time when your vehicle’s security is compromised. In the case of that unfortunate event, you will need comprehensive insurance to replace your stolen BMW. But don’t wait until something bad happens. Contact your insurance provider now and make sure that your policy covers any theft-related contingencies.

With adequate preparation and a little luck, you’ll most likely never have to experience the stress of a stolen vehicle. But it’s always best to be prepared. At Moss Motors BMW, we’ve seen it all. We can point you towards a new vehicle with the latest safety and security features to reduce the risk of theft even further.

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