5 Signs It’s Time For a New Car

August 17th, 2017 by

A new car is always an exciting proposition, but getting one usually isn’t cheap. It may be best to strike a balance between purchasing a new vehicle because you want it and because you need it. Peruse this helpful list of five signs that it’s time for a new car to help you know when to make this investment.

Lifestyle Changes

Have you recently accepted a new job that requires you to travel farther to work? You may want to consider a vehicle capable of achieving better gas mileage. Maybe you’ve started working in carpentry or labor, and you now require a pickup truck in order to haul supplies and equipment. Some families will want to purchase a larger vehicle if they are thinking of having children. There are a number of similar life events that can force you to reevaluate what you need from your vehicle.

Good Trade-In Value

Sometimes a dealership will offer seasonal or limited-time bonuses on any trade-ins or specific makes or models. This may be a good opportunity to squeeze some extra value out of your pre-owned vehicle if you are already considering purchasing a new one. However, you should be wary of allowing this kind of promotion to lead you into making an impulse decision. These types of offers tend to come and go, and you might want to base your decision to get a new car on more tangible factors, such as the condition of your current vehicle.

Outdated Safety Features

You may have an older vehicle that you’ve managed to keep in great repair — maybe you’ve even kept the mileage below 100,000. But safety technology and the industry’s understanding of this incredibly important element has advanced significantly over the years. Even if your older car is in excellent shape, it may lack certain safety features such as collision warning systems and lane assistance, not to mention cameras, that are now considered standard and potentially lifesaving.

Insurance Costs

Another problem with older vehicles is that keeping them insured costs more money. And as insurance costs mount, you may be tempted to cut corners by reducing your coverage. It is almost always a better idea to replace your old vehicle if it means the difference between remaining fully insured and giving up coverage that you might later regret not having.

Repair Costs

As your car’s value depreciates over the years, there will eventually come a time when the costs of repairs will exceed the value of the vehicle itself. And while repairs are hard to predict, as your car ages, repairs become more frequent and expensive as major components of the vehicle begin to break down. You will want to evaluate whether it’s time to save money in the long term by getting a new vehicle now.

Ultimately, only you can decide when it’s time to purchase a new vehicle. But there’s also no wrong answer; any number of contributing factors can mean the time has come. When you’re ready, visit Moss Motors BMW — we’re here to help you locate the vehicle that’s right for you.

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