Features That Make the 2018 BMW 2 Series Coupe and Convertible Shine

July 27th, 2017 by

The new BMW 2 Series coupe and convertible have been updated with tons of new features and tech upgrades for the 2018 model.

1. Redesigned Interior

The interior of the BMW 2 Series coupe and convertible have been redesigned to better use the available space. The new instrument panel, which houses the radio control panels and climate control system, has more options and better utilizes the center console space. It’s elegantly designed with contrast stitching along the seams. It has a high-gloss black finish and metal accents that line the edges of the panel for a sleeker look.

The 2018 BMW 2 Series coupe and convertible also offer BMW’S newest iDrive 6.0 infotainment system. This includes a 6.6-inch touchscreen or you can upgrade to an 8.8-inch screen instead. Link up your phone to play music, make and receive calls, or navigate to your destination with ease.

2. Remodeled Front End

The headlights in the new 2018 BMW 2 Series have even updated and the front fascia has been redesigned. The new headlights that come standard with all 2018 BMW 2 series coupes and convertibles are hexagonal Bi-LED lights. They have a flat bottomed headlight tube encircled by the daytime running lights. The 230i also comes equipped with LED fog lights.

BMW has created a wider front end by enlarging the side intakes and putting two sweeping bars to the center and top edges of the front end. The kidney grille also emphasizes the broader shape of the front fascia.

3. Double-Spoke Wheels

The standard wheels on a new 2018 230i are 17-inch double-spoke wheels and Bi-Color all-season run-flat tires. If you want to upgrade to the M240i, you’ll get 18-inch M double-spoke wheels with Bi-Color performance tires.

The M Sport Package and the Track Handling Package are available for the 230i. These packages give you 18-inch lightweight Alloy Ferric Grey wheels and all-season tires.

4. New Color Choices

The 2018 BMW 2 Series now offers three new metallic colors. Choose from Mediterranean Blue, which is a dark shade of blue, Seaside Blue, which is a lighter shade of blue, and Sunset Orange, which is a dark shade of reddish-orange. This means the number of available colors for your 2018 BMW 2 Series coupe or convertible now totals 11.

5. Intelligent All-Wheel Drive

The BMW 2 Series is available with xDrive. This is BMW’s all-wheel drive system and is available for both the coupe and convertible. The system gives you optimum power transfer while you’re accelerating through corners to give you more safety and maximum traction on wet or icy roads.

The xDrive also helps to reduce understeer and oversteer so that when you are driving around tight corners, you don’t lose control and the tires are less likely to slip. This means you’ll have ultimate control of the vehicle no matter what the weather is outside.

The 2018 BMW 2 Series coupes and convertibles have so many great features to choose from. Whether you go for the 230i or the M240i you’ll be driving away in something truly special.

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