4 Luxury Elements to Love About the BMW Concept 8 Series

July 20th, 2017 by

The new BMW Concept 8 Series exudes luxury. The Concept 8 Series is packed with brand new interior features and a sportier design never before seen on a BMW and they only add to the allure of this beautiful driving machine.

1. The Sporty Design

The silhouette of the new BMW Concept 8 Series spreads low over the road giving you more speed and power every time you put your foot down on the pedal. It has a long front hood and flowing roofline that brings a dynamic look to the car’s flanks. The sleek lines sweep upward to give a crisp look to the car and adds a sporty element to the design.

The car features Air Breathers that create a sporty look around the border. Around the rear wheels is a pronounced flare to cut through the air as you drive. The front end is low and features a large kidney grille, slim headlights, and large air intakes to add to the sporty design.

2. Streamline Interior

The BMW Concept 8 Series really shows off its luxurious side once you step into the car. The interior focuses on the driving experience. The functions have been fronted into different control centers with one in the center stack, one in the center console, and one along the doors.

One of the standout design features is the fluid transition from the instrument panel into the doors giving the driver a feeling that they are seamlessly enclosed within the vehicle. This impression continues throughout the vehicle with the smooth connection between the center console and instrument panel.

3. Luxury Touches

The interior also includes sports seats made exclusively for the Concept 8 Series. They are slim-line with a carbon-fiber shell and the finest leather on top. The steering wheel has hand-polished aluminum and there’s a red anodized shift paddles to add a race car feel.

The seats are covered in Merino Leather, which is available in various colors, such as dark brown and Fjord white. The accent surfaces are made of carbon fiber and hand-polished aluminum to give the car a more sporty and technical feel. The gear shift lever and iDrive controller are made of Swarovski glass with a smoky quartz for a modern touch.

BMW has also created a paint color exclusively for the Concept 8 series. The Barcelona Grey with liquid finish is a greyish-blue that has highly iridescent pigments to show off the sleek edges of the car in any light.

4. Wheel Design

The wheels on the BMW Concept 8 Series are the largest of any of the BMW models. The Concept 8 Series has 21-inch, light-alloy wheels to give it an ultra sporty look. They have a multi-spoke design and air elements to generate visual depth.

The BMW Concept 8 Series is packed with luxury features and sporty touches to give you a driving experience unlike any other. From the moment you spot the Concept 8 Series, you’ll want to get behind the wheel and then you’ll never look back.

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